Other Games

This page holds those games, experiments, and prototypes that are either incomplete, or those that I decided, for one reason or another, to stop working on. Usually this is a situation where I've decided that the game isn't working, or that I've lost the project files for. You'll also find games here that just aren't as exciting or interesting to highlight on the portfolio page.

The Elder Sister

The Elder Sister is a text game made in Twine that was done for a game jam commemorating the 150th anniversary of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, one of my most cherished books. In this game, I decided to create a tale that happens after the original story, following Alice's older sister Lorina, who gets trapped in Wonderland and must deal with the turmoil created by Alice's presence. Along the way, she needs to convince the denizens that she is not herself Alice, put things back in order (such that Wonderland has an order), and learn to take life a little less seriously. This installment went through the first chapter of the story, The Hall of Doors. If you would like, you can check out the game's page over on GameJolt.


Vines is just a quick little experiment that I decided to make, testing out Unity's WebGL exporter and decided to make a game that generated music based on user decision. Vines was never meant to be much more than an experiment. This piece doesn't really go anywhere beyond what it is. To operate: simply click on a vine to select it, and then click on an adjacent vine to twist them. The vines will grow for a generation, and depending on which vines and how they were twisted, a different tone will be added to the music.

What Pokémon Are You?

There had been a quiz floating around Facebook that scraped your public profile for data (and sent some of it off to some server) to determine a random pokémon, as well as a meme calculating a pokémon. As a result, I decided to code up this little experiment. Originally, I was going to scrape a public profile for the information, but the process for getting permission to do this from Facebook seemed too much bother for a tiny, one-off thing.

Living Pixels

Living Pixels is a small art tool that uses cellular automata AI techniques to create a digital painter that will paint along with the player. Each color has its own behaviour once placed and pays attention to nearby pixels, based on sameness and number. The whole of it is largely an expansion of Conway's Game of Life. The piece advances on click, including clicks on the pallete.