Tales of Sunfall

Sunfall is a world very unlike out own. In this tabletop roleplaying game, you control one of the inhabitants of this strange world. Tales of Sunfall is a game that emphasizes a focus on stories that revolve around relationships and community, rather than combat and power. Explore the world, tackle storyline goals, and enjoy being a creature you could never be.

Tales of Sunfall will be a completely new tabletop roleplaying game designed for long-form continuous play. It is being designed to work against some common problems prevelant in long-form character-driven roleplaying games. This includes an attempt to avoid power creep in games with overly complicated progression systems that require escalation on both sides. This game also tries to move the focus of the story away from heroes trying to save the world to ordinary people dealing with problems that face their communities and threaten their relationships.

The system behind Tales of Sunfall is a mostly diceless system in which characters wager energy to perform non-trivial actions. Players may elect to introduce chance into a situation, in order to perform feats greater than they are, or characters can work together towards a common goal, pooling available energy. Maintaining relationships with other characters and the community gains characters access to actions, energy and ways of coping with wounds that characters have taken.

Overall, Tales of Sunfall is trying to be a tabletop roleplaying game to break out of tropes and sticking points in other games, while providing a fresh, new world to explore and interact with.