Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Alice's Granddaughter

What if, Charles Dodgson had never written Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, or Through the Looking Glass? What if those stories were kept by Alice Liddell herself. Instead of widespread knowledge of her existence, she might have been shut into obscurity, no one believing the words of a child even up to her death. Alice Lidell had one surviving child, and he he had one daughter of his own. Now, that daughter has lived a long life, shut up in her home, abandoning her own children late in life. You're her daughter, and you've just inherited her house. Discover the secrets that kept her away from you. Discover the tale her grandmother left.

Alice's Granddaughter is a short look into the imagined lives of the descendents of Alice Liddell, the muse that caused Alice's Adventures in Wonderland to be written. Alice's Granddaughter was made in 48 hours during Discord Jam 2. Check out the itch.io submission page here. You can download the game on the itch.io page.

Alice's Granddaughter was made in Unity3D.