Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Grey Legend Digital Game | Role-Playing Game Retro style prototype, new ideas 2021 For: Decade Subjam #1 Playable, GameMaker
Veiled Interactive Fiction Explore The Attison Street House 2020 For: A Game By Its Cover 2020 Playable (web), Twine
Sunset Directive Interactive Fiction New Instructions Received 2020 For: Ludum Dare 46 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Twine
Casement Code | Extension Twine with Popups 2020 Extends Twine 2 SugarCube Format JavaScript, CSS, Twine
incobalt's Roleplay Chat Code | Mod Distance-Based Minecraft Chat Mod 2020 Solo Work Java, Forge, Minecraft 1.15.2
Moon Logic Emporium Digital Game | Adventure Ship It! 2019 For: LD Discord Jam 3 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Godot
Alice's Granddaughter Digital Game | Narrative Discover the Family Secret 2019 For: LD Discord Jam 2 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable, Video, Unity3D
The Cold Equations Digital Game | Adaptation Sacrifices Must be Made 2018 For: Ludum Dare 43 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Video, Unity3D
Children | Caretakers Tabletop Game | Writing Stuck Between the Stars 2018 For: 200 Word RPG Challenge (Solo, Finalist) Playable, Text
The Sparrow Served Danger Digital Game | Experiment Spy Thriller/Cooking Show 2018 For: Ludum Dare 41 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Video, Unity3D
Trice Code Generating Text in Twine 2018 Solo Work JavaScript, Twine
Bound to the Unknown Tabletop Game | Writing Harnessing the Impossible 2017 Solo Work Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
It's Dark and Cold Digital Game An Ambient Adventure 2017 Solo Work Playable, Unreal Engine
La Danse Tabletop Game Dance and Intrigue 2017 Solo Work Board Game
My Kingdom for a Rabbit! Digital Game | Experiment A Game of Information 2017 For: Ludum Dare 39 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Unity3D
Phaeton Digital Game | Experiments How Pluto Became So Small 2017 For: Ludum Dare 38 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Video, Unity3D
Puzzle/Slice Digital Game | Experiment Picture Puzzles 2017 Solo Work Android, Unity3D
A Perfectly Ordinary Day Interactive Fiction Living Like a Speedster 2016 Solo Work Playable (web), Twine
Dirt Under the Rug Digital Game | Experiment An Exploration of the Uncanny 2016 Solo Work Playable, Has Video, Unity3D
Emily Digital Game | Experiment Moving In to the Abandoned 2016 For: Ludum Dare 37 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Unity3D
A Figure Met in a Shaded Wood Interactive Fiction Meeting Your Fate 2015 For: IFComp 2015 (Solo) Playable (web), Twine
A Delicate Situation Digital Game A Tense Social Simulation 2015 For: Global Game Jam 2015 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Has Video, GameMaker
Charged with a Mission Digital Game Obey the Directive 2015 For: Ludum Dare 32 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable, Twine
It's Full of Stars Digital Game | Experiments Make a Constellation 2015 For: Ludum Dare 34 (Solo, 48 Hours) Playable (web), Has Video, Unity3D
Living Pixels Code | Experiments Draw With Living Paint 2015 Solo Work Playable (web), JavaScript, Processing
The Elder Sister Interactive Fiction | Experiments After Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2015 Solo Work Playable (web), Twine
Vines Code | Experiments Generate Music by Twisting Vines 2015 Solo Work Playable (web), Unity3D
What Pokémon Are You? Code Generate a Pokémon Based on Your Life 2015 Solo Work Playable (web), JavaScript, HTML
My Childhood on the RS Anthony Digital Game | Experiment Exploring Ability Locked Gameplay 2014 Solo Work Playable, Unity3D
S-C2 Digital Game | Experiment Exploring Cooporation 2014 Solo Work Playable, Unity3D
Trash: A Story of Uncertainty Digital Game A Grad School Simulation 2014 Solo Work with Sourced Music Playable (web), Has Video, GameMaker
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Digital Game Solve Your Brother's Murder 2013 Gameplay Scripting - With Phoenix Online Studios Commercial, Unity3D
The House at the End of Rosewood Street Interactive Fiction Who's Moving In? 2013 For: IFComp 2013 (Solo) Playable (web), Inform7
Neighbors Digital Game Exploring Environmental Storytelling 2008 Solo Work with Sourced Music Playable, Adventure Game Studio