Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Bound to the Unknown

What would it be like to do the impossible, to know the unknowable? When reality is a mere suggestion to you, what responsibility do you have to protect that same reality? And what of your mysterious, ungraspable patron? What whims will they require of you, and when will they call upon your service?

Bound to the Unknown is a supplement for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, focusing on warlocks who make pacts with beings beyond our understanding. It is a response to the Great Old One patron found in the core rules, which focus mostly on mind control and confusion effects. I wanted to really capture that feeling of being bound to impossible, unknowable beings. This supplement adds a patron, a pact, eldritch invocations, and spells to focus on these ideas.

You can get it on DM's Guild here (opens in a new window).