Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Charged with a Mission

Charged with a Mission was an exploration of the mission-based quest mechanic, providing players with a discreet set of instructions in a non-diegetic way via a quest tracker or in this case a mission objective. This was one of my earliest full 3D games, and I took a lot of inspiration from JazzPunk and Thirty Flights of Loving.

This game was originally deployed to the Unity Web Player, which is no longer supported by modern browsers. It was intended to be played in a web page, so there might be bugs in this standalone version. The control scheme is a bit... unusual, but I think that was intentional for the conceit I was trying for.

Charged with a Mission was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 32 "An Unconventional Weapon".See its jam page here.

Get the Standalone version on the project's itch.io page here.

Charged with a Mission was made using Unity3D.