Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Children | Caretakers

Jettisoned on a generation flagship fleeing a burnt-out Earth to humanity's next destination, are you a child who will never see your destination, or a machine charged with caring for those children and ensuring the safety of the mission?

Childern | Caretakers is a 200-word role-playing game, shown in entirety on the left. In it, players take the roles of an aimless child whose duty is already fulfilled by spawning the next generation, or a caretaker whose sole purpose is to the safety of these children and the mission to a distant star. This game was created for the 2018 200-Word RPG Challenge, where it was selected as one of 70 finalists (from 751 overall entries). This game is CC4, intended to be a starting point for others to jump off from.

The game's 200-Word RPG Challenge page (opens in a new window).