Michael Thomét
Game Designer
A Delicate Situation

"So, what do we do now?"

A Delicate Situation is a short game about having a tense conversation with two other people. The game was inspired the song "Psychobabble" by Frou Frou, in which the above line is repeated four times at the end. The main part of the game is spent choosing responses to the current dialogue, which adjusts how the other two characters feel about you. The other part of the game comprises a button marked "End It", which allows you to remove someone from the conversation, including yourself. The longer you remain in this mode, the higher the tension grows. At the end, the game will evaluate various characteristics and determine who remains in the picture, if anyone.

You can play the game here (opens in a new window).

Download the game for Windows here. (Recommended)

A Delicate Situation was made in GameMaker, and it was designed in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2015. See its jam page here. GameMaker's web port, for some reason, renders the text as white. Consider using the Windows port if possible.