Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Dirt Under the Rug

Dirt Under the Rug is a game about the plight of the cleaning service worker Ledia, who is stuck in a bad work situation that she must live with in order to survive in the face of crippling debt. Guide Ledia through her day job, earning tips and wages, and maybe a bonus, if you're up to it.

In Dirt Under the Rug, players direct Ledia with the mouse, clicking on objects to clean and inspect, or people to have a conversation with. Your choices about how well to do at her job, complying with special requests, and how to manage life at home, will determine if Ledia makes it through this difficult time, and how she continues on in life after you leave her. A careful eye and a curious spirit could lead to new opportunities, or perhaps to certain peril.

A demo for Dirt Under the Rug is available for Windows and an experimental build has been made for Mac. You can download both here.

Get the Demo for Windows

Get the Demo for Mac