Michael Thomét
Game Designer

You've just moved from Texas to start your new career at Conrad, the tech giant of the Northeast. You're desperate for a place to rent, and Hannah is desperate for a renter, so it works out. Emily, the last girl to rent the room, left in a hurry, and she left some stuff behind. Explore the new room and find out what happened to Emily.

Emily is a short narrative adventure made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 37 "One Room". See its jam page here. My goals for the project were to create a game of narrative discovery similar to Gone Home by the Fullbright Company. As it was made in such a short amount of time, it stands as a narrative experiment playing with uncovering information by examining a lived-in space.

You can play the game here (opens in a new window).

Download the game for Windows here.

Emily was made in Unity3D.