Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Grey Legend

The Council of the Land has issued a proclamation: "To all able-bodied adventurers. The recent earthquakes has opened up a den of monsters to the north. Gather yourselves and take up an expedition to investigate the source of the monsters. If possible, end the blight so we may go back to our lives." You are one such adventurer, and though you may be inexperienced, your determination knows no bounds. Go out, investigate, and return alive, no matter the danger!

Grey Legend is a short love letter to gameboy and NES era rpgs. You'll find many nods to those times, while some conveniences have been provided. Fight your way through monsters! Gain experience and level up to tackle greater dangers!

Grey Legend was made in GameMaker Studio 2 for Decade Subjam #1. It took about a month to create from scratch, including quite a lot of relearning of GML (and getting caught up to 2.3+) as I hadn't engaged with GameMaker for six years, and only with Studio 1.

Check out Grey Legend over on its itch.io page!