Michael Thomét
Game Designer
La Danse

The Queen has decided to hold a royal ball, probably to announce something of great import, and your house has been invited! This is a great opportunity to ply your house's influence amongst the other houses, and perhaps garner the Queen's attention with your masterful control of the ballroom floor.

La Danse is a strategy board game about dancing, negotiating, and gaining influence in a social setting. It draws inspiration from games like Chess, Shogi, and Diplomacy. Designed for up to six players, this is a game that gets more interesting the more you play together with the same people, as knowing your opponents is half of the battle in games of intrigue. Vie for advantageous seating, offer inscrupulous deals, and be the talk of the ball.

This is a physical board game, but the rules, board graphics, and token graphics are available here. My personal version is made using adhesive vinyl, chipboard sheets, and label paper, plus wooden hex tokens and round, translucent, plastic influence tokens.