Michael Thomét
Game Designer
My Kingdom for a Rabbit!

Queen Beatrix Silktail is the last of her line, and now the crown must be passed on, or else the rabbits return to being just mere animals. Suss out the best heir in the fifteen weeks allotted by the fickle crown. My Kingdom for a Rabbit! is a game about information gathering and deciphering.

This prototype was made in 48 hours during Ludum Dare 39 "Running Out of Power". See its jam page here. This game was an homage to Beatrix Potter, whose birthday coincided with the start of the jam. I wanted to make a game of relenquishing power and authority with very little time to do it. This version is a prototype for a larger, polished version I am currently working on.

You can play the game here (opens in a new window).

You can download it for Windows as a 32-bit program or a 64-bit program.

There is also a largely untested Mac version here.