Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Moon Logic Emporium

Who makes the puzzles for point and click adventure games? At Moon Logic Emporium, it's your job to test the puzzles that the mechanics create, and then ship them out to games in desperate need of puzzles. Unfortunately for Bobbie the puzzle mechanic, you're new to the job and the puzzle you just fired up isn't ready yet. Help fix the puzzle and mark it ready so Bobbie can leave the puzzle room!

Moon Logic Emporium is a small point and click adventure game with a nod to foundational Sierra games. I created this game as an experiment or test of my ability to make a game in Godot after only a week of learning the engine. Moon Logic Emporium was made in 48 hours during the Ludum Dare Discord Jam 3. Check out the game's itch.io page, where you can play in-browser or download the game.