Michael Thomét
Game Designer
incobalt's Roleplay Chat

incobalt's Roleplay Chat is a chat-focused Forge mod for Minecraft 1.15.2. The purpose of the mod is to modify the chat experience in Minecraft to work based on distance, simulating a voice becoming quiet with distance (until it can no longer be heard). incobalt's Roleplay Chat was designed to help roleplay-focused Minecraft servers by creating a more realistic chat experience. In standard Minecraft, chat messages are sent to everyone on the server, which can cause problems with versimilitude (it's not realistic) and clutter (too many messages in large servers!). incobalt's Roleplay Chat sought to fix these problems by keeping chat local. This can also help very large servers cut down on chat spam by keeping chat more localized.

The mod has many features to support its design. There are several ways to chat including standard say and emotes (falls off at a configurable distance), whispers (for being sneaky up close), shouts (for raising your voice), broadcasts (server-wide chat for administrative purposes), and missives (long-distance personal messages that optionally require resources). Careful work was done to ensure that the mod can be deployed server-side only, and works with vanilla clients if so desired.

The mod page for incobalt's Roleplay Chat can be found here. The mod's GitHub page is here. incobalt's Roleplay Chat requires incobalt's Core API to be present wherever it is deployed.

incobalt's Roleplay Chat is written in Java using the Forge mod library for Minecraft 1.15.2. The Forge version used during development is 31.2.0.