Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Sunset Directive

You, R-66Y Unit 9A13 (Gale), have been running a long time. Humans left the Earth long ago and you're one of the only robots who still remember what they were like, somewhere in the back of you memory circuts. Every day is the same. Go out and clean the ruins. Help make it safe for you and your robot kind. You're such an old unit that most of the new devices don't work with you. Today, though, as you're uselessly sitting in your charging dock (you can't be charged), an unfamiliar alert informs you of new instructions. Your programming compels you to follow.

Sunset Directive is an original piece of interactive fiction that runs about 9000 words (about the length of a short story). I had recently made a prototype game engine on top of Twine 2 (SugarCube format) that I wanted to test out, so I built this game to push the engine to the limit. It certainly did that! Many new features and bugfixes were required during development. Sunset Directive was made in 48 hours during the Ludum Dare 46 "Keep it Alive". The text was hand-crafted during that time. I can't do things small, apparently! Check out the game's itch.io page, where you can play in-browser!

Sunset Directive was created using Twine 2, using the Sugar Cube format. Additionally, it uses an early version of Casement, a SugarCube extension I've developed that focuses on window-based gameplay.