Michael Thomét
Game Designer

There's always been stories about the Atterson Street House. Someone died there. It's built on top of a cemetary. The house is haunted. But you don't care about any of that. Through a series of events, the city's treasury office has become the owner of the property, and they have tasked you with doing a rough inspection of the house. A younger you might have been scared, but you're there to do your job.

Veiled is a novella-length piece of interactive fiction where you explore a (probably haunted) old house. Veiled was made for A Game By Its Cover 2020. It was inspired by Dan Ingman's Famicase Exhibition entry "Veiled". Check out the game's itch.io page, where you can play in-browser!

Veiled was created using Twine 2, using the Sugar Cube format. Additionally, it uses a version of Casement, a SugarCube extension I've developed that focuses on popup-based gameplay.