Michael Thomét
Game Designer
Level Design Portfolio

Here is a sample of my level design work.

It's Dark and Cold

It's Dark and Cold is an atmospheric adventure with a snowy setpiece surrounding a large frozen lake. There is a nearby cabin, and a house with a locked gate nearby. The fire invites the player to stay, but the coming storm drives the player to seek shelter.

Alice's Granddaughter

Alice's Granddaughter explores the living room of an inherited home, using spatial clues to help guide the player to the ending. Over time, the game gains color to reflect the loss of melancholy the player's character experiences as she reads notes from her departed mother.

The Cold Equations

There's not much play space to explore in The Cold Equations, but this shot shows my incorporation of a user interface within the game world. A key part of level design is how you hide the parts that remind players that they're playing a game.

Other Works