Michael Thomét
Game Designer
It's Dark and Cold Narrative | Experiments 2017 Playable, Unreal Engine
My Kingdom for a Rabbit! Narrative | In Progress 2017 Playable (web), Short, Unity3D
Phaeton Narrative | Experiments 2017 Playable (web), Short, Unity3D
A Perfectly Ordinary Day Narrative 2016 Playable (web), Short, Twine
Dirt Under the Rug Narrative 2016 Playable, Has Video, Unity3D
Emily Narrative 2016 Playable (web), Short, Unity3D
It's Full of Stars Experiments 2015 Playable (web), Has Video, Unity3D
Living Pixels Experiments 2015 Playable (web), JavaScript, Processing
The Elder Sister Narrative | Experiments 2015 Playable (web), Twine
Vines Experiments 2015 Playable (web), Unity3D
What Pokémon Are You? Experiments 2015 Playable (web), JavaScript, HTML
A Delicate Situation Narrative 2014 Playable (web), Has Video, Short, GameMaker
A Figure Met in a Shaded Wood Interactive Fiction | Narrative 2014 Playable (web), Short, Twine
Trash: A Story of Uncertainty Narrative 2014 Playable (web), Has Video, GameMaker
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Narrative 2013 Commercial, Has Video, Unity3D
The House at the End of Rosewood Street Interactive Fiction | Narrative 2013 Playable (web), Inform7